Jefferson City Code

The following files are chapters from our City Code. The files are updated with each quarterly City Code update. The City Clerk's Office must, however, issue the following disclaimer:

The Official City Code is that which is bound (in hard copy) and available at the City Clerk's Office. The Official City Code shall be the version used should there be a discrepancy between it and the electronic version which might be caused by human error, electronic transmission, or any other reason.

These files are frequently changed, added to, or amended by action of our City Council. The search engine above will search each word of the document and produce any corresponding matches. IMPORTANT NOTE: If an ordinance amending the Code does not yet appear in the Code, the fully executed ordinance can be found in the City's Laserfiche Weblinks records repository, and will be in full force and effect from the time stated in each ordinance.



Chapter 1 - General Provisions

Chapter 2 - Administration

Chapter 3 - Advertising and Signs

Chapter 3a - Adult Businesses and Entertainment

Chapter 4 - Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 5 - Animals

Chapter 6 - Bicycles and Skateboards

Chapter 7 - Boards and Commissions

Chapter 8 - Buildings and Building Regulations

Chapter 9 - Cable Television

Chapter 10 - Cemeteries

Chapter 11 - Emergency Preparedness and Emergencies

Chapter 12 - Elections

Chapter 13 - Fire Prevention and Protection

Chapter 14 - Garage Sales

Chapter 15 - Health and Sanitation

Chapter 16 - Human Rights

Chapter 17 - Licenses, Taxation, and Miscellaneous Business Regulations

Chapter 18 - Miscellaneous Provisions and Offenses

Chapter 19 - Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 20 - Municipal Judge, Court, Etc.

Chapter 21 - Nuisances

Chapter 22 - Parking, Stopping and Standing

Chapter 23 - Parks and Recreation

Chapter 24 - Peddlers, Solicitors, Itinerant Merchants, Etc.

Chapter 25 - Planning and Development

Chapter 26 - Police

Chapter 26A - Purchasing and Finance

Chapter 27 - Railroads

Chapter 28 - Restaurants and Food Code

Chapter 29 - Sewers and Sewage Disposal

Chapter 30 - Solid Wastes

Chapter 31 - Stormwater/Floodplain Management

Chapter 32 - Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 33 - The Subdivision Code

Chapter 34 - Transportation

Chapter 35 - Zoning Code

Appendix Y - Schedule of Administrative Fees, Permits, Licenses and Other Charges

Traffic Schedules

Traffic Schedules - A-Z


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