Court Etiquette

Court Rules:

  • NO weapons of any kind are allowed in the Courtroom.
  • All cell phones must be turned OFF.
  • Talking must be quiet and kept to a minimum.
  • NO food or drink allowed in Courtroom.
  • It is strongly encouraged that children are not brought into the Courtroom.  If children must be in the courtroom, they must be well behaved, quiet and must not disturb court.

Dress Code:

  • NO shorts
  • NO short skirts
  • NO tank tops
  • NO tube tops
  • NO inappropriate t-shirts
  • NO caps

All defendants must present themselves in a clean and professional manner.

The judge and prosecutor has discretion over court rules and dress code.

Failure to comply with rules and dress code may result in defendant being called last during arraignments or contempt of court.

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