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FY2014 City Administrator Proposed Budget

The City Administrator is responsible for preparing the annual operating and five-year capital budgets for all City operations and agencies for the Mayor’s review, consideration, and recommendation to the Council.  The process begins at the department level and ends with the council adopting a budget on or before October 31 of each year.  The Mayor’s proposed budget can only be adopted by majority action of the Council which must hold at least one public hearing prior to enactment.

FY2014 City Administrator Proposed Budget - Full Document


FY2014 City Administrator Proposed Budget Pages
Table of Contents 1-2
Budget Overview 3-10
General Fund Revenues 11-14
General Fund Expenses 15-72
Special Revenue Funds 73-80

Capital Projects Funds

Enterprise Funds 89-106
Internal Service Fund 107-108
Agency Fund 109-110
Parks & Recreation Fund 111-132
Personnel Schedule 133-138


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