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Back to School Safety Tips  PDF (newsletter)

Holiday Crime Prevention Tips

Bicycle Safety

Holiday Tips for Shoppers and Sales Personnel

Bullies: A Serious Problem for Kids (PDF)

Safety on Halloween

Bullying - A Guide for Educators  
Child ID & DNA Kit


Crime Prevention Tips for Children

Consumer Fraud-Prevention Tips for Seniors

Discouraging Children from Joining a Gang (PDF)

Home Security Challenge Worksheet

Gun Safety-A Parent's Guide

Home Security Checklist

How to Use 9-1-1 How to Lock Out Crime
How to take a DNA sample

Landscaping and Crime Prevention

Internet Safety for Children   PDF-brochure

Lock Bumping Alert
Keeping Kids Safe

Lock Out Crime

Kids Against Bullying (kids) Locking your Home

Latchkey Children (A Parent's Guide)

Operation Identification

Preventing Child Abduction

Practical Tips to Secure your Home

Safety on Halloween

Preventing Theft of Mail

Safety Tips for Children Traveling Alone

Residential Security

Scribblez Internet Safety Activity Book Working Safely at Home
Simple Rules of Safety  
Stranger Danger (PDF)  
Summer Safety Tips for Children


When Your Child Is Missing - A Family Survival Guide Babysitters Guide to Safety / Babysitter's Checklist
  Crime Prevention Basics

COMMUNICATIONS (Internet, mail, phone)

Date Rape

Annoyance, Malicious, and Harassing Telephone Calls

Domestic Violence  (Attorney General resource booklet)

Avoid ID Theft-FTC Domestic Violence (JCPD Brochure)
Cyberbullying-NCPC publication

Elder Abuse

I Keep Safe Activity Sheet (PDF) Family Violence Hurts Everyone
Information Security

How to Protect Yourself in a Parking Garage

Internet Fraud Prevention

Personal Safety  PDF-brochure
JCPD Internet Safety Newsletter  (PDF)

Preventing Pickpocket/Distraction Theft

A Teen's Guide for Surfing the Web Safely

Preventing Purse Snatching

Internet Safety-Family Contract

Prevention of Stalking

Internet Safety-Parent Letter

Rape and Assault Prevention

Internet Safety Quiz  (Power-Point) Safety at the Gym
Laptop Security Game Senior Safety Tips
Online Lingo  (PDF) Sexual Assault
Myspace and Your Child

Safety Tips for Walking at Night

P2P File-Sharing Security Game

Crime Prevention Tips for People with Physical Disabilities

Parent's Guide to Cyber Safety Talking with Children about Violence
Parent's Guide to Facebook

Teen Dating Violence



Preventing Theft of Mail

Protecting Kid's and Teens Online Campus Safety
Scribblez Internet Safety Activity Book Bullies: A Serious Problem for Kids
Social Networking Safety (JCPD) Bullying - A Guide for Educators
Social Networking Safety for Tweens & Teens (FTC) A Dozen Things Students Can Do To Stop School Violence
Snoop Proof your Computer A Dozen Things Parents Can Do To Stop School Violence
Spyware Game Kids Against Bullying (kids)

Sweepstakes/Lottery Scams from Canada

Making Schools Safer
Ten Tips to Secure your Computer School Crime Watch
Wireless Security Game School Resource booklet prevention resources for parents, students, and staff
  Tips for Creating Safer Schools
  Walking to School



Community Crime Prevention Opportunities


Consumer Fraud-Prevention Tips for Seniors

Shoplifting & Internal Theft Prevention
Crime Prevention Basics Minors & Shoplifting - Choices & Consequences (PDF)

Crime Prevention for Churches

Crime Stoppers   PDF- brochure


Curfew for Minors

Hotel/Motel Safety

Heroin - A Dead End

Safety Tips for Children Traveling Alone

House of Worship Crime Prevention

Vacation Crime Prevention Tips

Landlord Safety & Security Tips  
Neighborhood Watch


New Neighbor Safety Tips

Auto Theft Prevention

Noise Nuisance Ordinance

Bicycle Safety

Nuisance Drug Premises

Boat Security

Realtor Safety

How to Protect Yourself in a Parking Garage

Reporting Suspicious Activities

Lock It!


Public Transportation Safety Tips


Road Rage


Stealing from Vehicles

ATM Safety Tips

What to Do if You Are Stopped by a Police Officer

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

Check Fraud Prevention


Counterfeit Currency

Robbery Prevention and Procedures

Don't be Scammed

Baby-Sitters'Guide to Crime Prevention

Foreclosure scams tips

Commercial Burglary Prevention

Internet Fraud Prevention

Construction Site Crime Prevention

Identity Theft-A Guide for Consumers Delivery Driver Safety
Identity Theft Affidavit form

Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace

Identity Theft

How to Protect Yourself in a Parking Garage

Identity Theft: The Basics  (21 pg manual) Information Security
Identity Theft Tax-Time Tips Shoplifting & Internal Theft Prevention
Identity Theft-Holiday Precausions Taking Crime Prevention to Work
Identity Theft Tip Sheet for Teens

Office Safety

Identity Theft Vulnerability Test

Preventing Workplace Violence
How to Identify a Mortgage Scam Robbery: What all Employees Should Know
JCPD Fraud Packet Safe Workplace

Minimize Your Risk of Identity Theft

Working Safely at Home


Phishing Scam Game  
Safe Shopping During the Holidays  
Safeguard your Personal Information  

Sweepstakes/Lottery Scams from Canada

When Bad Things Happen to Your Good Name  
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