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2015 Meeting Schedule


June 29, 2015 Historic Preservation Commission Special Meeting Packet



The City of Jefferson Historic Preservation Commission (CJHPC) came into existence in 1983 as a result of 1980 Congressional amendments to the national Historic Preservation Act of 1966, and the city’s participation in the Missouri Certified Local Government (CLG) Program.

The CLG program, administered by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), is designed to expand the historic preservation network of federal and state governments by creating a mechanism for participation of local governments.  Requirements for participation in the Missouri CLG program include enacting a historic preservation ordinance, appointing a preservation commission, conducting an ongoing survey and inventory of historic properties, and conducting public outreach and education.

A Certified Local Government with an historic preservation program at the local level offers the potential for providing the best protection that can be devised for the enjoyment, appreciation and preservation of our community’s cultural resources.  Recognition and preservation of our community’s cultural resources can enhance residential and commercial property values, encourage neighborhood conservation, foster civic pride, and promote the community’s attraction to visitors, tourists, industry and future employers.

The volunteers appointed to the CJHPC work to encourage and assist with the identification and preservation of sites, buildings, structures and objects which reflect the community’s cultural, historical, and architectural heritage.  The CJHPC also reviews demolition requests forwarded to it by the city Department of Planning & Protective Services.

All applications for permission to demolish a building are made to the city’s Department of Planning & Protective Services. If the building is over 50 years old or has historic significance, the department forwards a copy of the application to CJHPC for review.  The CJHPC has a sixty (60) day period for review of the demolition application to evaluate the building for architectural, cultural, and historic significance.  The condition of the building and the feasibility of rehabilitation are also a part of the established review criteria taken into consideration.  Based on the commission’s findings, the demolition application is returned to the Department of Planning & Protective Services with a recommendation for approval or disapproval.

Specific Duties:

A. To review and select the annual Local Landmark Award designees.    

B. To encourage economic development through historic preservation and heritage tourism.   

C. To protect and enhance architectural heritage.

D. To conduct or support historic surveys and research

E. To select the recipient of the annual Gregory Stockard Distinguished Service Award.

F. To review demolition requests.


Membership Information

The Commission meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.

The CJHPC shall consist of nine (9) members who are Jefferson City residents and have an interest, competence or knowledge in historic preservation.  Members are nominated by the Mayor and approved by the city council.  The term of office is three (3) years.  The Commission meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 6:30. Refer to the city clerk’s office for monthly meetings and minutes.

To volunteer to serve on the CJHPC, download the volunteer profile application and mail or fax it  (573) 634-6522 to get your name placed on the waiting list.


Name Term Expiration
Ed Meyers, Chairman


Bill Case, Vice-Chairman 12/01/2015
Mary Schantz, Secretary 12/01/2015
Art Hernandez 02/01/2016
Douglas Record 12/01/2016
Kevin Kelly 12/01/2017
Jane Moore 12/01/2015
Brent Hemphill 12/01/2016
Terri Radman 12/01/2017
Jayme Abbott, City Staff N/A
Laura Ward, Council Liaison N/A


City of Jefferson Historic Preservation Plan:

The purpose of a City Preservation Plan is to: 1) identify and protect our historic resources, 2) reap the economic benefits for our community from historic tourism, 3) protect the environment by encouraging the adaptive re-use of older buildings, 4) enhance community pride and cultural identity in Jefferson City's unique historic architecture.








Preservation Plan

City of Jefferson Historic Preservation Manual:

The Preservation Manual was developed by the City of Jefferson Economic Development office to provide Cole County residents general information on the renovation of their historic properties.  This includes various resources and how to apply for financial help with the costs of renovations.








Preservation Manual


National Register of Historic Places:

The acceptance of a property or district on the National Register of Historic Places is a designation awarded by the National Park Service.  (nps.gov and http://www.dnr.mo.gov/shpo/national.htm) It includes districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, and culture. These resources contribute to an understanding of the historical and cultural foundations of the nation.

To assess the eligibility of your property for the National Register of Historic Places go to this link:









For a list of properties and districts in Cole County on the National Register go to these links:










Heritage Month Activities:

May is National Historic Preservation Month.  Its purpose is to increase public awareness of the importance of Historic Preservation efforts in the local communities they serve.  The HPC celebrates Heritage month in Jefferson City with Local Landmark Awards, Distinguished Service Awards and Art and Essay Contests (sponsored by Historic City of Jefferson and Cole County Preservation Commission).

2015 Heritage Day Program

Jefferson City Local Landmark Award:

Every year the CJHPC selects recipients of the Local Landmark Awards.  Its purpose is to reward preservation efforts among our citizens and to promote appreciation by the general public of its historic architecture.  Property owners are encouraged to nominate their historic buildings for this award.








Past winners from 1993 to present

Application to nominate your property

Gregory Stockard Distinguished Service Award:

The Historic Preservation Commission established the Greg Stockard Award in 2004, to be presented annually to individuals who have shown distinguished community service in preservation efforts.  It was established in honor of Gregory Stockard who served as president of the Historic City of Jefferson from 1998 to 2003 and was devoted to the Historic Preservation causes in Jefferson City.

Past Recipients:

2004          Gary R. Kremer
2005          Elizabeth Rozier
2006          Mark Schreiber
2007          Carol Blaney
2008          Mary Ann Hall
2009          Dottie Dallmeyer
2010          Walter Schroeder

2011          Dick & MaryAnn Caplinger

2012          Bob Priddy

                 Steve Veile

2013          Michel & Donna Deetz, Darryl & Connie Hubble

2014          Michelle Brookes, Nicholas M. Monaco

2015          Catherine Bordner

Art and Essay Contests:

The Art and Essay Contests are for 6th – 12th grade School Students.  The student selects a public building in Jefferson City to sketch for the art contest, to write an essay for the essay contest, or to prepare a multi-media power point.  The winning Art, Essays, and Multi-Media presentations are displayed in local venues.

Historic Preservation Resources:


Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation


Guides to local programs to help in obtaining Historic Preservation Tax Credits and general tips for successful rehabilitation projects:


Historic Preservation Resource links:

Missouri State Historic Preservation Office: http://www.dnr.mo.gov/shpo/index.html

Historic City of Jefferson: http://www.historiccityofjefferson.org

Downtown Jefferson City: http://www.downtownjeffersoncity.com/

Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation: http://www.preservemo.org/

National Trust for Historic Preservation: http://www.preservationnation.org/

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation: http://www.achp.gov/

National Historic Landmarks Program: http://www.nps.gov/history/preservation.htm

NPS Preservation Briefs: http://www.nps.gov/tps/how-to-preserve/briefs.htm

Old Town Ad Hoc Committee:  http://www.jeffcitymo.org/news/oldtown.asp

Old Munichburg District of Jefferson City: http://www.oldmunichburg.com/

Cole County Historical Society:   http://www.colecohistsoc.org/home.html


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