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Central East Side Neighborhood Plan


Since the 1830s, the presence of the Missouri State Penitentiary has influenced the history, development and character of the central east side area of Jefferson City. This neighborhood has a unique history and has helped create a sense of place for the City. The neighborhood is now facing an uncertain future as the prison site undergoes redevelopment and a new civic, governmental and commercial center for Jefferson City takes its place. Careful planning is needed to ensure that the prison redevelopment changes produce positive and beneficial results for the surrounding neighborhood.


Inside the Missouri State PenitentiaryOutside Wall of Missouri State Penitentiary

A consulting firm, Parsons Infrastructure Technology Group, Inc., has been employed as part of the prison redevelopment process as the principle agent for project planning efforts. Planning efforts have involved stakeholders and residents in a comprehensive examination of the likely neighborhood changes as the old Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP) site is redeveloped. Important issues related to new construction, residential and commercial expansion, historic preservation, community lifestyle, recreation and transportation are all being considered as part of the planning process.  A neighborhood advocacy group, the East Side Neighborhood Development Association, provides a means of involving residents in discussions and decisions that will shape this neighborhood in the future.


Several redevelopment projects are underway or have been completed. The new Lewis and Clark State Office Building is a "green building" that utilizes state-of-the-art design and construction techniques to minimize energy and resource use. The new state health lab is nearing completion and plans are developing for a new federal courthouse to be situated at the old prison site.

Demolition activity at the Missouri State Penitentiary - Fall, 2007

Demolition activity at Missouri State PenitentiaryDemolition activity at Missouri State Penitentiary








Lewis & Clark (DNR) Building and the Department of Health State Health Lab constructed on

a portion of the prison site.

Lewis and Clark State Office BuildingMissouri State Penitentiary









The Planning Process 

An Ad Hoc committee came together in January 2004 to begin work with the consultants and the city to create the Central East Side Neighborhood Plan.

There were several public forums and open planning sessions that involved a variety of neighborhood stakeholders in the planning process.


In August of 2005 a formal Central East Side Neighborhood Plan was completed and released based on the input and involvement of the Ad Hoc Committee and the participants in the public planning sessions.Meeting


Ad Hoc Committee


Juanita Donehue, Co-Chair, Citizen

Toni Prawl, Co-Chair, Citizen



Michael Berry, Councilman Ken Ferguson, Councilman

Cathy Bordner, East Side Neighborhood Development Association

Charles Jackson, Citizen

David Nunn, Planning & Zoning Commission

Tom Rynard, Historic Preservation Commission

Jim Jordan, Jefferson City Housing Authority

Tammy Lootens, Capitol Main Street

Steve Salamone, Citizen Bob Dallmeyer, Jr., Citizen

Charlie Brzuchalski, MSP Redevelopment Commission



City Staff Support
Janice McMillan, Deputy Director for Planning & Transportation Services

Allen Pollock, Executive Director, Jefferson City Housing Authority


Central East Side Neighborhood Plan-Adopted February 20, 2006 by Resolution RS2005-13.

Cover, Contents and Transmittal
    Chapter 1 - Foundations of the Plan
   Chapter 2 - Data Collection and Plan Analysis...

    Chapter 3 - The Plan: Land Use and Districts

    Chapter 4 - Implementation

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